For Marin County Landlords with $1mil to $5mil Rentals....

Imagine What Life Could Be Like with Well Qualified Tenants Who WON'T Damage Your Home...

...While You're Free to Live the Life You WANT.

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Dear Landlords in Marin...

 Owning a PAINLESS & PROFITABLE rental property in Marin is the KEY to personal and financial freedom though real estate...

...NOW possible through the BREAKTHROUGH custom property management process by Foundation Homes. 

Say Good Bye to....

Tenant Emergencies are Robbing Your Family of Your Time

In addition to collecting rent and managing maintenance, YOU have a job to do and a family to take care of and passions to pursue.

Ever-Changing Laws Putting You at Risk

Failing to stay current with dozens of ever-changing California laws puts you at risk, jeopardizing retirement and passive income.

Lost Rental Income

Did you know that VACANCIES are the secret #1 ROI KILLER? Extended vacancies are costing you more than you think.

Tenant Evictions

The time consuming process of evicting tenants is EXPENSIVE & takes a toll on you, your job and your family.

Owning a million+dollar rental in Marin can be like having a 2nd or 3rd job.

However, unlike a regular 9 to 5 where you can clock in & out,  this job requires you being on call 24/7 and can get you SUED

Unintentional mistakes made during the tenancy lifecycle COSTS you time, money and peace of mind...
All because most landlords don't know what they don't know.

And that's not your fault.

Everybody talks about the "Rich Dad / Poor Dad" or Bigger Pockets dream of owning rental properties and making money while you sleep.

And that's great.  But that's about 25% of the vision.

NOBODY talks about the other 75% of that dream....


-Protect Yourself-

Goodbye Tenant Emergencies and Lease Issues… Hello Freedom!

With our breakthrough property management blueprint for your rental home, you get something you can’t put a price on . . . freedom! 

Being partnered with a team of experienced professionals who can guide you through:
  • Pricing to attract your ideal tenants
  • Qualifying prospective tenants
  • ​Protecting you with the RIGHT lease + disclosures
  • Ongoing and annual maintenance
  • ​Staying compliant with changing legislation
Remove the uncertainty from rental property ownership and give yourself the power to make better decisions for YOU and your rental property long term. 

Having the right team is what generates wealth and freedom in the Investment Property Ownership game.

For many of our clients the results have been LIFE CHANGING:

Top-tier Tenants

Predictable ROI

Peace of Mind

We had had a bad experience trying to manage the property remotely by ourselves. We did an internet search, and found [Foundation Homes] easily….we were a little nervous about getting in touch with your company. However, we had so many great experiences with your company, that it changed our opinion about property managers in general. We [loved that we] could live in a different state and travel abroad without worrying about rental disasters! 

Mark Hoemmen
Landlord in San Rafael

I managed the property myself for a few years, it was horrible, I had to evict my first tenants and had rent payment problems with the next, who left the house a wreck. That is when I searched for a management firm, after talking to Michael Kass, I was sold on using Foundation, and it has been one of my all time best business decisions.

Kathy Kane
Landlord in Fairfax

My only regret is not choosing Foundation in the first place!…I was extremely dissatisfied with [my other] management service and very happy with Foundation. The big difference is [Foundation Homes] a) will talk by phone…faster response time for problems b) will visit properties so able to address big problems on the ground. C) nice to deal with. You guys are explanatory without condescension. Thank you Foundation, you guys rock!”

Landlord in Mill Valley

I had an excellent experience with Foundation Homes. As an out of state landlord during the Pandemic, I needed help with my rental property. Shawn Walker was my agent. He was amazing, always quick to respond, always well-informed and always super helpful. I highly recommend Shawn Walker and Foundation Homes.

Cheryl Wong
Landlord in Greenbrae

We have had an excellent experience with Foundation Homes. Our [manager] has been responsive to all of our needs for our rental property. He is thorough and always on top of what is best for us as well as the client. We have had several emergency situation a where decisions had to be made for repairs quickly. Mike has been on top of getting the best bids on the repairs and The work completely in a timely manner. We could not be happier!

Francine Cunnie

Foundation Homes did a great job in keeping me informed as we went through each step in the rental process - and truly helped me to manage my risk in this upside down market. I really appreciate [the] guidance and attention to details!

Scott Johnson
Landlord in Mill Valley

Foundation always does the BEST job with managing my property. They keep me updated on what needs to be done to maintain the property in the best working order, and always has the best referrals to get the job done! I feel so relieved that my house is being managed by the excellent team of Foundation, specifically Michael Kass. Highest recommendation for all your property management needs!

Marie Zanonie-Begg
Landlord in San Rafael

Our BREAKTHROUGH Property Management Approach Gets You...

Rent Control - Eviction Bans

Owning Rental Property in California is Complicated. Worried about your tenant not paying rent and potentially living rent free in your home for months? So are we. Let our educated team and legal resources work for you in a worst case scenario. 

Budget Minded Preventable Maintenance 

Say goodbye to emergencies and disruptive incidents. Our 24/7 response team along with licensed and insured contractors have got it covered.

Well Qualified tenants who pay on time

We have a less 1% EVICTION RATE  for a reason! Expertly prescreen tenants, schedule showings and fill vacancies with drama-free tenants who pay on time.

Avoid Legal Problems

Keep you in compliance by staying up to date with ever-changing regulations favoring tenants

Get the Income Balance Right on Your Properties

Our experienced property managers know the market and are familiar with that sweet spot: the amount of money that you can realistically charge without risking longer vacancy rates

Back To Life Without Interruptions

Managing tenants is a full-time job. But the good news is it's no longer your full-time job.
Live your life without disruption

or Text : 'I want to rent my property' to 415-802-1991

Why Do Marin Landlords Like YOU Trust Us With Their Property?

"Good enough" stopped being good enough a long time ago.  So why not be great?   

With a focused, advertising marketing plan for you + our relocation / agent network, we reduce your vacancies to maximize your profit.

We'll attract and keep your top-tier tenants so you don't lose money to complaining tenants and an empty property. 

We learn the rules so you don't have to: backed by our licensed broker, our team is armed with the knowledge needed to help protect YOUR property.

Why Us? Here's The Recap

Foundation Homes’ results-driven property management service gets you:
  • Top-Tier Tenants: Well-qualified tenants who’ve passed our 9-point screening process and pay rent on time (even during a pandemic) + won't leave you hanging with damage.
  • Reduced Vacancies: We rent properties faster and for more money than the average rental on MLS. To date: over $1 billion in rentals served!
  • Homeowner Rights Protection: California is loaded with increasing tenant-friendly legislation. We help navigate the legal landscape for you to protect your rights as a homeowner.
  • More Profit & Less Pain:  Avoiding bad tenants while earning max rents is the key to owning a profitable and problem free rental all the way to financial freedom and it’s attainable NOW through our BREAKTHROUGH Property Management Method.
Heidi at Foundation Homes was very professional and friendly at the same time. I highly recommend her services. It is so worth the money to have a professional help with finding and setting up new tenants. The experience of creating a contract with the new tenants is valuable because communication and expectations are clearly laid out and everyone ends up with a clearer understanding of what is expected. It was easy to work with Heidi because she was so responsive and knowledgeable.

Amy L

Having Foundation manage my rental property has taken the worry and stress out of being a landlord. Everyone who works there is helpful and friendly. I’m so glad my friend referred me to them. Every aspect of working with them is a pleasure.

Cynthia Greenberg

Excellent A+
The lease agent answered my first call within 30 minutes and met me at the condo the next day. It was rented within the week. Every aspect of leasing the property was taken care of professionally, expeditiously and with full communication every step of the way. I am only sorry that I did not find you sooner. I will return to you without hesitation. I couldn't have had a better experience with my first experience with a leasing agent. A hearty thankyou!

Joan Difuria

Our Management Team

Christopher & Darcy Barrow, 

Hi! We're Christopher & Darcy Barrow: parents, landlords, landlord coaches, and co-founders of Foundation Homes Property Management.
We're on a mission to make building wealth through owning rental properties here in Marin as painless and profitable as possible for our clients. 

We've helped thousands of landlords just like you experience the joy of a profitable and problem free rental here in Marin ...

...while making money in your sleep...

...and giving you the freedom and energy to show up FULLY where ever else you need to be.

If you're a results-driven landlord looking for a performance-built property management team to find you a well-qualified tenant to help protect your home from damage and unnecessary risk, you've found it.

Our BREAKTHROUGH property management services are unlike any other property management agencies in Marin (or the rest of the US for that matter - the other PM company owners all think we're crazy!)

Unlike other companies, we don't load our property managers up with a zillion doors to manage...

...resulting in poor service for the landlord AND tenant, driving down your profit as a landlord, and leaving you ready to run for the hills and sell your (otherwise profitable!) investment....

We operate with the totally CRAZY idea that your property manager should KNOW you AND your property, serve you and your tenants AND watch your bottom line, day after day.

Crazy, right?

We can't wait to speak with you to learn more about YOUR goals.

Michael Kass

Sr Property Advisor

Sheila Lang

Operations Manager

Diane Marotta

Leasing Strategist

Victor Mitrani

Property Advisor

Darling Garcia

Client Concierge 

Shawn Walker

Leasing Strategist

Sharon Alkus

Accounting Coordinator

Tresha Holloway

Transaction Coordinator

Rosie Barrow

Office Mascot

How Can We Help You?

We know not every property has the same needs, nor does every landlord. Some of our clients are first time landlords renting out the cherished family home, perhaps intending to return; others are seasoned investors with a keen eye for long-term asset performance. Some clients are both. We offer three levels of service for our clients: Silver, Gold & Platinum.

#1: Marketing Plan

#1: Marketing Plan

Upon receipt of your signed leasing or management agreement, the following essential marketing tools are used to market your property immediately:
Professional Ad Copy
 Our copy Shows and Tells. We highlight the BEST  neighborhood and  property features to help position you for maximum market appeal.
Professional Photography
 Professional photo – We aim to SHOWCASE your home for maximum attention. We use professional photography (as allowable) and provide multiple professional, edited photos for your home. 
Signage – At your discretion, a complimentary “For Rent” sign is positioned outside the property for maximum exposure
Internet Advertising 
Your property is on display as a “Featured Listing” on our popular website 24/7. We utilize the most effective nationwide online platforms including (but not limited to),,,, and, syndicating your listing to 20 or more websites
Video Marketing
We have a number of different video tools/options to create walkthroughs or virtual walkthroughs for your property, which is especially helpful to position your property to international or relocating tenants. Ask about a video upgrade (when available).
24/7 Rental Hotline 
NEVER miss a lead! Your property will benefit from our convenient online (text friendly!) booking system and 24/7 rental hotline.
MLS — After the first two weeks on the market, if more exposure is needed your property will be listed on MLS and, exposing your listing at over 1,400 REALTORS in the North Bay, and many more in San Francisco through our partner network. We pay the commission for the MLS agent out of our commission. 
  Relocation Database 
 Your property is shown to every prospective tenant and relocation client in our extensive email alert database that is looking for a property matching the profile of your home.
“Coming Soon” Program 
 If your property is unable to be shown right away for any reason, or we have a longer lead time, we highlight and feature your property in our Discreet “Coming Soon” program, which is a private, members-only tenant database, and can help your property achieve a higher rent or rent “off-market”.

#2: Tenant Selection

#2: Tenant Selection

Our Leasing Agents and Property Managers always provide friendly responses to any inquiries about your property and with 24/7 access to our online booking system, will promptly organize property tours for qualified, prospective tenants.

When it comes to tenant selection, we process all applications ASAP (even on weekends!) to ensure no prospective applicants are lost. All our prospective applicants are thoroughly and carefully screened using our 5 stage selection process and two-point data verification procedure.
  • Identification
  • I​ncome Verification – Proof of 3x monthly rent required in addition to “arms-length” professional verification (ex: current pay stubs / letter from employer / six months bank statements / tax return etc).
  • ​Eviction Check
  • Credit Check (score over 700 required)
  • ​Tenancy Reference Checks – comprehensive tenancy history through previous agents and personal/professional reference checks. Two previous references are required.
  • Third Party Pet and “Assistive Animal” Screening, with “Paw Score” system
Of course, you have the final approval – you will always be contacted prior to tenancy approval. Prospective tenants are only accepted when you approve them – no questions asked. (Subject of course to lawful Fair Housing guidelines!)

#3: Communication

#3: Communication

Property management is more than just finding great tenants that pay market rent on time without any damage to your property….especially during this market.

True communication is the key to our success. We take every inquiry and any concern you have seriously, and address them as quickly as possible. 

Once listed with us, in addition to regular communication from your agent, you’ll receive a weekly marketing update at the start of the week, in addition to a weekly ad performance and inquiry stats update at the end of the week.

Once you become a client you’ll enjoy regular communication from our co-founders including market updates, VIP client events and curated gifts, as well as regular client updates, market updates, and off-market opportunities.

#4: Property Inspection

#4: Property Inspection

Did you know that lack of a properly documented move in inspection is the NUMBER ONE source of DIY landlord security deposit disputes we see?

For our management clients, we provide you with the best comprehensive property inspection report, utilizing the latest technology in inspection reporting. 

Our app produces a detailed report of your property, including usually 50 or more photographs for your reference, allowing us and you to easily compare the condition of the property from when the tenant moved in to them vacating. 

Once a new tenant moves in, we inspect the property annually (or more as needed). Of course, as every home in unique, owner input on what specific element to inspect or focus on is always welcome. Check out a SAMPLE REPORT HERE (scroll to the bottom to see ALL the photos!).

Equally important is the annual inspection performed for our management clients 30-60 days before renewal, where we not infrequently discover things like unreported sink leaks, roof leaks, the occasional lease violation, etc.

NOTE: If you are electing to DIY-manage your property, our professional Property Inspections may be purchased (by our clients only, subject to availability) a la carte for $595 – $1,000+ per inspection: pls inquire with your agent.

#5: Comprehenive Property Management

#5: Comprehenive Property Management

A complimentary consultation is a good way to determine if we’re the right fit to work together. We’ll discuss and inspect your home and talk about your expectations and goals for leasing, management, and maintenance.

Our experienced team will develop a personalized management plan for your Marin County rental property, and we’ll take care of all the rent collection, lease enforcement, and routine maintenance. We’ll respond to emergencies and manage the accounting. You can expect Foundation Homes to do the following:
  • Document the Condition of Your Home with Move-in and Move-out reports
  • Rent Collection and Lease Agreement Enforcement
  • ​Tenant Relations, Retention, and Communication
  • ​Overdue Rent Collections and Evictions (at Owner’s cost)
  • ​Routine and Emergency Maintenance and Repairs
  • ​Annual “Health & Safety” Inspections
  • ​Comparative Market Analysis and Real Estate Consulting
  • ​Negotiation of Lease Renewals
  • ​Move Out Coordination and lawful Security Deposit Disbursements
  • ​Monthly Billing and Collections
  • ​Automatic ACH electronic Bank Deposit Services
  • ​Detailed Monthly Statements and Accounting
  • ​Annual 1099 Vendor Preparation and Filing
We provide comprehensive, full-service property management and investment services. Our team provides luxury property management for rental and investment homes in Marin County. 

We work with real estate agents when a property isn’t selling so the owners decide to rent it out. We provide advice to buyers purchasing an investment property, and we can prepare, market and sell luxury or investment homes in the area.

We work with local Marin County property owners and investors from out of the area, out of the state, and even out of the country.

We help owners in Marin County neighborhoods like Tiburon, San Rafael, Larkspur, Corte Madera, San Anselmo, Greenbrae, Ross, & Fairfax.

#6: Premium Management

#6: Premium Management

Annual Performance Review:

Included for our Platinum Portfolio, our one-on-one year end annual property performance, cost analysis and ROI consultation to help you track property expenses, performance and ROI of your investment.

Eviction Process Handling:

We use an attorney to assist with the eviction process in the unlikely event that a tenant needs to be removed from the property. In the thousands of tenants we have placed over the years, our eviction rate is less than 1%

Up to 2 Years FREE Management!

Platinum Portfolio clients can receive up to TWO YEARS property management for FREE. When it's time to list your home for sale (as long as you weren't referred by one of our trusted realtor partners), list your home for sale through us and we'll issue cach back at closing of up to 24 months of property management monthly service up to $10,000!!
(Conditions apply; please inquire)
"I was introduced to Michael Kass at Foundation Homes when I saw an apartment I was interested in leasing. Right from the start, working with Michael was great! He was very responsive, knowledgeable about the leasing process, and able to answer all my questions! I like that they use automated texting to schedule viewing appointments, including reminders and a link to the application process.  

It was very easy overall!  

I would recommend working with Michael and Foundation Homes to anyone interested in a modern approach to leasing!

Meghan L

Shawn at Foundation homes is excellent to work with. He's a knowledgeable agent and knows the Marin market really well. Shawn is responsive, pays excellent attention to detail, and makes the process of leasing/selling easy and smooth. Highly recommend!

Vlada P

My goal was to minimize work required to manage property. Dealing with client negotiations can be time-consuming and a hassle -- Foundation took care of this all for us and achieved great results!

Jonathan Epstein

One size does not fit all.

Choose the white-glove service that meets your needs 

Leasing Only (Silver Portfolio Package)

This option is for the DIY Landlord who just needs help finding a well-qualified tenant through professional marketing, screening and lease writing. The day-to-day management, legislative update tracking, maintenance and contract enforcement is up to the landlord.

(Note: Not recommended for first time landlords. Silver Portfolio clients will not qualify to purchase SureVestor insurance.)

Base Cost: 
  • 7% Leasing ($3,000 minimum)

Leasing & Management (Gold Portfolio Package) 

Our most popular package, this option is for landlords ready to turn over the day-to-day management to our staff. Includes 24/7 maintenance, leasing, legislative tracking, renewals, inspections, bill pay, end-of-year accounting and more. Gold clients will qualify to purchase SureVestor (when available) or other Landlord Protection Policy of their choice at their cost.

Base Cost: 
  • 6.5% Leasing ($3,000 minimum)
  • ​6.5% - 9% Monthly Management ($300 minimum)

Leasing & Premium Management (Platinum Portfolio Package)

All the benefits of our Gold Package, plus:
  • 50% SureVestor (or like policy) annual premium paid by Foundation Homes (up to $250 value)
  • ​Annual property performance, cost analysis and ROI consultation ($300+ value)
  • ​Foundation Homes eviction + court appearance costs waived (normally $150/hr)
  • ​Foundation Homes insurance claim processing fees waived (normally $150/hr)
  • ​LandlordCode Platinum access (coming soon)
  • ​MVP Platinum Status Upgrade
  • ​BONUS: Platinum management clients can receive up to TWO YEARS property management for FREE. When it’s time to list your home for sale (as long as you weren’t referred by one of our trusted realtor partners), list your home for sale through us and we’ll issue cash back at closing of up to 24 months of property management monthly service up to $10k. 
Base Cost: 
  • 6.5% Leasing ($3,000 minimum)
  • ​6.5% - 9% Monthly Management ($300 minimum)
  • ​$95/month Platinum Upgrade 

The Promises We Keep

Foundation Homes Property Management Risk Reduction Policies

Tenant Performance Policy

We stand behind our Approved Tenants for the term of their initial lease. 

We understand a landlord’s fear of a tenant breaking the lease and walking away leaving you with an empty property in the middle of winter. 

Not only are you left with a vacancy and no rent coming in to pay the mortgage, you now have to pay to find a new tenant. 

If Foundation Homes Property Management places an Approved Tenant and for any reason the tenant does not fulfill their obligations under the terms of their lease, we will place another Approved Tenant in your home without charging you a leasing fee.

Eviction Protection+ Loss of Rent + Malicious Damage Protection

By working with our professional management company and selecting the Gold or Platinum Property Management Package, your property will be eligible for coverage by Scheer Landlord Protection Insurance (or other like policy when available). 

When Scheer Landlord Protection Insurance is available, this coverage pays you:

● Up to $50,000 in Malicious Damage
● Up to $18k of Lost Rents
● Up to $7,000 in Eviction Costs
…plus much more!  

Extra protection for Platinum Portfolio: In the event of an eviction, we also include unlimited property manager notice and appearance fees (“Eviction Fees”) that would otherwise be billed at $150/hour.

 We’ll even cover 50% of your chosen Landlord Insurance Policy (up to $250).

Wait No More!

We’ll access our quarterly rent studies and KPI’s as well as utilize our local expertise with the Marin County rental market to deliver a rental value that’s designed to earn you as much as possible on your investment while attracting the best possible tenants to your property.

We’ll ask for a few details about your rental home, such as its precise location, its square footage, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms it has, and what kind of condition you’d describe it as being in. Don’t take a guess at how much you think your property will rent for; get an accurate and reliable rental analysis from your Marin County expert property managers.

Real Cases That Happened Because They Missed This Amazing Offer?

Celebrity tenant causes $200K damage

By the time we got to this client the damage was already done. They rented a multi-million dollar estate style home to a high profile celebrity tenant who caused over $200K in damages to the property that affected both the interior and exterior of the home. The lease was not written to protect them having an insufficient security deposit and the lessee was a LLC without a qualified personal guarantor. Even though this owner technically won in mediation, he had to settle for $90K and  had to pay for attorneys fees. And the delay in going back on the rental market and all the stress and time it took to fight in court and manage the repairs cost even more $$..

$17,000 because of emotional pricing

When DIY Landlords price their rentals based on emotion and not on current market data they will lose thousands of dollars a month. We worked with an owner who did not listen to our pricing recommendation and had his home listed for over $1000 above market rate (not uncommon). When they had enough pain and were ready for a realistic list rate, they had already lost 3 months on the market. The property finally rented after 100 days on market at the right price but it cost this owner just under $17,000.00 in lost rent.

A 100x ROS

Annual inspections are a must on renewals as many tenants won’t look for issues or will fail to report them. We had a client who self-managed their home for years. When their tenant moved out a leak under the kitchen sink was discovered that had been going on relatively undetected for years and cause a major black mold issue and remediation that cost over $20,000. The most unfortunate part of this story was that the leak was caused by a failed washer (a $.12 part) and if caught earlier would have been roughly a $150-200 service call from a plumber to fix resulting into a 100x ROS (Return on Saving).

What clients just like you are saying...

They've rented three out of my four income properties. The one I rented myself is the only one I have any problems with! Never again will I bother to deal with my properties myself. 

Aaron in Kentfield, Client Since 2009

They make the difficult project of relocating a more enjoyable process. Their excellent grasp of the Marin market and access to rentals not listed elsewhere made Foundation and invaluable resource. Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

Paul Foxx, Client Since 2009

Foundation homes has been managing our property for over a year now while my family is living overseas. They are wonderful - very professional, prompt and reliable. They’ve now found us 2 separate tenants and we trust their judgement and selection criteria. We are so happy having them on the ground to deal with the unexpected. Victor, our property manager, communicates clearly and is very responsive. He handles everything so we don’t need to be concerned. It’s great to know our property is in good hands!

Joy Guidi Wygant

The landlords and investors who work with us enjoy earning more and spending less on their rental property

They appreciate our high-end service which matches their high-end properties. We would love the opportunity to provide a complimentary consultation for your Marin County investment property. Taking a look at your home and discussing your investment goals will help us to offer a unique and customized property management plan that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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